Nov 17, 2007

Culinary Research Paper

As promised, this is my space on chef and culinary world. As for start, here are some insight of my (planned) original academics works, with objective to enhance the knowledge spectrum of culinary education around the world. Expects more to come in near future:

My current research paper ( with 2 other writer) entitled"Blending of Science and Culinary Arts; An insight into University Putra Experience" are in progress and expected to be cited and published with Journal of Culinary Science and Technology, in first quarter of 2008

My PhD paper entitled "Culinary Conceptual Curriculum Development from Malaysia's Stakeholder Perspective" expected to complete in 2009. Current stage are proposal submission and to be followed with proposal defence in first quarter 2008

My aim was to published at least another 3 topics in culinary area, as I complete my graduate study by end 2009.

The other area will coming soon in this blog, will be Q&A for cooking, health cuisine, and Malaysian Herbs and Spices page.. so, wait for another mouth watering desserts to be served as I getting tutorial from experts (thanks, bro. Rahman) in developing this site further.

Stay tune

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