Nov 21, 2007

Culinary Tourism - Jalan2 Cari Makan & Kopitiam Trends

It was supposed to be my off day today, but I ended with a journey with my best friend. It started with my quest in getting a scholarships.. after half day discussing with my distinguished academic advisers, there.... 4 different Kopitiam, 4 cups of black coffee and various type of "roti bakar" (toast with butter and kaya-coconut cream jam), a 6 hours journey - culinary tourism. A very unpredictable day, but interesting

Culinary Tourism is a new term for special group of tourist that emphasis on finding interesting, food that offered in a particular country
Kopitiam is term for coffee shop, normally offers local coffee blends, toast, soft-boiled eggs, maybe nasi lemak and curry puff included in their menu

Here some of the history
Currently Kopitiam is the trends here in Malaysia. The coffee "craze" in Malaysia was started back in 1995-1997 with KLBC or Kuala Lumpur Best Coffee, way before the arrival of international chain -Starbucks, San Francisco's or Coffee Beans. Prior to that, coffee was consumed in small scale, unglamorous way at many roadside stalls and restaurant. Maybe after realizing that, the "branded" coffee actually overcharging their customer, Malaysian are indeed supporting much cheaper, more suitable coffee blend of their own familiar kopitiam, there's you got the popularity of Kopitiam in more professional run businesses.

For those who like to travel, please drop by these well known kopitiam, at the middle of town of Kemaman, Terengganu or The Kluang Railway station, Johor or you could just have the coffee anywhere in town near you.... enjoy your coffee


ab said...
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ab said...

it was a very interesting story from u...

Rashi Hariri said...

Thank you for visiting. Sometimes I always wonder whether I have taught enough in class? I hope using this virtual technique will help further in your studies... in different perspective