Dec 8, 2007

The Chicken and Eggs Story - Halal Concepts 3

Which of which is the first, the chicken or the eggs in this world? my favorite questions whenever I am going to the poultry topics, since all are correct answer, you need a hint for the most appropriate (the Noah's Ark)

Malaysian love the chicken so much, that in 2005 - Malaysia's chicken consumption at 28 to 30kg per person a year or 36 million chickens per month is among the highest in the world. It also has a high per capita consumption level of 280 eggs per person per year. (USDA 2006) This RM9 Billion industry produced about 450 million chicken a year (MOA 2006). That roughly; a chicken plus 20 eggs per person per monthly basis.

The "ayam golek"; a local version of charcoal grilled chicken. Ever asked where the chicken coming from?

Chicken fall under category of white meat, its tender characteristics and an alternative source of proteins, making it very popular. This has create a huge business; the huge profit; and being Malaysian whenever they facing the food- this will only shows the ugly side. I remember; once upon a time, the chicks being destroyed due to lower market price; a very unethical practice indeed.

Today, I would like to discuss the essence of how the "ayam daging" or 'broiler chicken' being reared. With all the technology nowadays, the chicken have a shorter life-cycles - 3 months before its reached to our tables. Yup, 3 months only

While the chicken can be marketed as early as 1 month; hence 'the spring chicken', a normal one will start at 2 months, about 90% upon reaching 1.2kg-1.5kgs. Those you find; a chicken with 2 kg or more, most likely are 3 month old.

The "ayam daging" that we normally had, have gone various "innovative" DNA alteration; among other - no sexual orientation and therefore focus on eating only. It will not running away if you trying to catch them (have no functional brain?). The chicken also being reared in air-conditional space, and due to the "unnatural" method, the chicken tends to exposed to various diseases, which then require additional antibiotics and residue. So, what food we are having actually - chicken or chemicals?

Malaysian loves the chicken so much. Attached here is the Malaysian Style Grilled Chicken; Served with Satay Peanut Sauce, Buttered Rice and Keropok

At first the antibiotics are supposed to assists the chicken to be resistance to the viral; instead now; has turned as an opportunity; to further accelerated the productions - the chicken meat - (as the injection of antibiotics will increase the weight) a similar process normally happened to the pork production. (the irony; the chicken and pork is our biggest exports (MOA 2006), ever since the pork's price is increasing higher, the antibiotics's price are also becoming higher - there you have the recent chicken price hiking / RM6 per kg...hmm...should I say more)

Hey, how about the eggs that have been produced in average every 4 minutes!!! (to achieve that, "something" being injected as well)

In 1990's - Government, in hygienic perspective has ordered - all chicken must be sold -cleaned, without any feathers. This is a good intention, however only to create further problems. We no longer know who and where the slaughtering process?

JAKIM on the other hand, only focusing on the slaughtering process. So much so, a major chicken supplier is allowed to this new method; The chicken is tight upside-down, on conveyer belt and the "name of god" is read only once; then, the operator switch-on the rotational blade. It will be running for the next 10 hours - a process for more than 100,000 chicken a day (is this a normal practice? Jakim answer was; due to large number of chicken, therefore all the "adab" are not be followed - modern way)

All these conclude to one questions; is our chicken halal?

FYI - The halal practices

The chicken must be allowed to its natural; able to roaming freely; know how to scratch the soil in finding foods; apart of diet given; which this will naturally create a resistance to any disease; hence - minus the antibiotics and should be able to fly short distance. A normal chicken grows 3-8 months. (the "ayam kampung" or 'free-range chicken' have all these characteristics)

During slaughtering process, it must be released and allowed to be free, while to the last breath. It is advised to even "hide" the knife - in respecting the animals while at same time avoiding unnecesary stress (so Jakim... hopefully you are learning the basics here?)

FYI - The Solutions

My advise - get the "organic chicken" which being farmed / reared naturally and slaughtered as with accordance by a Medical Doctor. The farm is located in Hulu Langat, Selangor while the shop is located in Tmn. Nirwana, Ampang, Selangor. I don't have any share in this business, just a feeling being responsible to my fellow Malaysian in getting HALAL chicken from beginning to end of the process


Mumtaz Meat & Marine Foods Sdn Bhd. No 17, Jalan Nirwana 35, Taman Nirwana, 68000 Ampang, Selangor. Malaysia. Tel 603 92811802 / 92816924Fax 603 92816925 e-mail nattpro@streamyx. com

Alamat ladang ternak ayam organik: Lot 3864, Batu 23 Jln Sg Lui, Ulu Langat

En Husairi Kajang/Bangi 019 332 4345 En Che Muda Bangi 012 324 5988 Puan Shidah Shah Alam 013 273 7301 Tn Haji Azhar Gombak/Batu Caves 012 288 2265 En Radzi Puncak Alam 013 655 7770 Zila Puncak Alam 019 270 4273 Siti Zuraimah Haji Ismail Menara TM 03 2240 4098 En Jumhat atau Puan Maznah 019 229 8950 atau 019 317 3330 En Nazaruddin 012 278 5502 Puan Zainun 019 277 4927 Subang Jaya Pasar Tani Taman Melawati Hari Sabtu Pasar Tani Putrajaya Hari Jumaat Pasar Tani Kerinci. Taman Angkasa Hari Ahad.


Roti Canai said...

Actually Malays love chicken too much. The last time I read a survey somewhere, it says that 70% of KFC customers are Malays. Wonder why the chinese are not so much into chicken.

If you go to the food court near the Veledrome in Cheras, you would find a stall selling fried ayam kampung. Go early as at times you would have to fight for your chicken.

Until we all have the consciousness, chicken will be reared and slaughtered the 'current' way.

Rashi Hariri said...

The best protein food is actually Fish ( I will discuss this as well). Currently, some chicken breeder are worrisome with this "organic chicken" as you said, until we all have the consciousness - I am going to support it by sharing information.

ghazali said...

what about veal?
i wonder is it halal to eat a veal cutlet?

Rashi Hariri said...

Veal or anak lembu; normally age between 6 month to 1 year old. Prize for the tender meat, as naturally being young and most likely still lactating with the mother. It is halal as long being slaughtered accordingly. It is one of the most expensive beef around.

There are some ethical issue as well such if the animal being slaughtered a day after being born; commonlah, let the animal feel the world, sun and rain first, but it is no longer a practice after animals right, so enjoy the sought after premium beef :)