Dec 2, 2007

The Halal Food Concepts 2

I have mentioned in earlier topic on halal food concepts, which have 2 major characteristics, the ingredients and the slaughtering requirement.

Now the 3rd - Audits (the auditing)
Audits in halal means you must check the first two, is the pre-requisite.

Audits for ingredients, is must be process accordingly, with no elements to change the original ingredients (or recently-the major DNA of ingredients), example - grapes is halal, even a dried one - it is highly suggested for students during their studies. But if you process the grapes and change it to wine or anything that could make "you lose your mind" - or makes you "drunk" - even for short time, then this is haram / forbidden.

Similarly the wheat or cereal - process it to flour or bread is fine, but once you turn it to become a beer, then is forbidden to muslim

the navigational compass in its earlier years.nowadays with digital technology, we thought of becoming more advances, yet we still depending on one criterion; education to navigate our life.

Audits for animals - among other it must received clean bill of health (from the expert), old enough to be slaughtered, have no visible stress or being injured and historically, being reared as natural permits, accordingly

Example, Kobe Beef is the most expensive beef in the world - being so tender, a chef only require to grill - say maybe about for 10 seconds - with no marination needed. The Kobe beef was reared under strict controlled environment -no movement allowed - except the mouth, for munching the grass (the type of food also being controlled) and perhaps, the eyes . This has create some kind of stress to the animals, obviouslly, "the mad cow" diseases was due to similar stress in UK. Conclusion is, despite the beef might be halal, but since it is not being naturally reared, there, it become "Non-Halal"

Audits is the most difficult to do. As consumer, we are putting our trust on the retalier & wholesaler, and they depending to the to supplier to inform the "halalness" of our ingredients. Is not an excuse, but it is everyone responsibility and classified under business ethics or "akad" -the sale and purchase agreement - between consumer and seller.

Halal is for all mankind, I am sure no one would like to have - dhall or cereal that has been "genetically engineered" or beef from "mad cows" or chicken that being injected with "pork-laced-antibiotics" and residue

Nevertheless the consumer have choice. Choice can be retrived through information gathering, which can be achieved by reading - the another basics of being Muslim.

To be continued, the chicken and eggs story.........


Roti Canai said...

Kobe beef - that is something I dont know about. I guess based on your description, it falls under the non-halal category even if it is slaughtered the halal way, like you said.

Rashi Hariri said...

Yes, couldn't agree more - Kobe Beef is under 'Non-Halal'