Jan 6, 2008

Between Oil and Petrol

Here we are in crisis...hmm sort of.

Petrol has reached USD100 per barrel; so our government will going to bankcrupt if the petrol price here is not to be increased (as our deputy PM mentioned)...hmm, which I totaly disagree in management perspective
so, the solution is to increase the price; but wait after elections...soon

Now we have cooking oil crisis instead. Limiting 5kg per person. The issue was smuggling, higher price and higher demand overseas, it, you got it

I believe there are bigger issue hidden a.k.a the price hike very soon; similar to flour, sugar and rice price hike previously? not to mentioned the milk; which has no control at all and it also got to do with the 'subsidy payment' to palm oil refinery as well; which our government never really happy anyway (read burden) to absorb it for the sake of rakyat.

Since the elections is so near, in government perspective; can we postpone the hikes? there you got the rations :)

FYI- food ration should only happen during emergencies; war, disaster, big flood, tsunami, what is the real issue in Malaysia scenarios?

As the price of palm oil is escalating in international market, government has to subsidized some portion of it, as to maintain reasonable price for rakyat; which in turn pays the income tax on yearly basis - who is owing to whom?
Updates 9th Jan - Government to flood with 70,000 tonne of cooking oil (but no date mentioned when?)- interesting enough when the demand was somewhere 46,000 to 56,000 tonne per month, but surely panic button has been pushed, and you get nothing in the shelf at the supermarket
It was informed that the amount to subsidised the cooking oil againts the international market stood at RM800 Million per year (well, I am tired to hear all these nonsense, pullout all the subsidy for rakyat once and for all, and make sure this country a tax-free haven for every single rakyat as well.. fair enough)

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