Jan 6, 2008

When Media highlighting an issue 2: Is our food safe?

Time is my enemy now, between family, study, career and blogging..haha... just a hectic schedule to update my blogs..

Let's discuss the topic

NST last sunday 30th Dec highlighting an issue on food safety - heavily discussed on food coloring and preservative among other.

I always wonder on the cancer; a modern disease which have taken so many life. I assume it must be reflecting from our lifestyles, the food we ate.. and the lack of exercise :)

Food color is part of creative learning in chef training; as we emphasize on 'eating through eyes' first as to stimulates the appetite of our customers.

Human naturally will try to get the ingredients that as fresh and through color they become the victims, as marketers have all sorts of solutions. I do remember in my training during an advertisement, that red lipsticks is used to color the strawberries as to look fresh :)

Another was the preservative; to make food last longer or extending the shelf life

Both color and preservative are good intention, but when it comes to greedy businessmen..hmm should I write more

to be updated with adobe acrobat file on this issue

FYI - Malaysian does realize this issue; as we can see the establishment of natural/organic ingredients shops, but the setback was the pricing not yet reachable to common people; that shouldn't be an excuse as we can always start simple such as taking raw sugar instead of white sugar, tea instead of cordials, cooking own food rather instant packet

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