Oct 23, 2008

All the best FSM4001 July-Nov2008

I have known you back in 2006, there was 21 of you, 2 guys the rest were gals..hmm

Innocently you have learned from this cruel, no-nonsensible chef :)

and we met again in 2008, this time you guys/gals are equiped with enough information and skills....

10 classes gone, and I am supposed to updated this blog with your lovely food presentations, and there, your final exam

and that will be on 28th.. the date that we are supposed to have dinner together..great!!!!

I know you all are more than capable, to achieve whatever you wanted.. just make sure you are in the right track, betulkan nawaitu

I may have scolded you...but as teacher is part of learning, just to let you all know that life are more difficult than my classes and the assignment instructed

So, wishing you all the best and luck in you going to graduate and finding your own space in this competitive world...venture out, and don't forget where you coming from

Good Luck guys and gals


Anonymous said...

thankz en rashi,
atas semua ilmu yang diberikan..
halalkan segala ilmu yang tercurah
dan maafkan kami.doakan kami dapat jawab exam..
en rashi jangan wat soklan susah sangat...
2 kelas amali terakhir, terkejut tgk muka en rashi yang garang..1st time rasanya..masa sem 2 dulu taklah garang macam ni. but it's okey semuanya untuk kebaikan kami...
okey see u during exam n dinner..
thank u so much and halalkan semuanya...

Eugene said... only get to visit your blog that you keep mentioning but without knowing the URL. Neways, thanks for a wonderful class and of cos a wonderful dinner (why am i posting it in the Oct 23rd blog entry when the dinner is at 28th?) ._."
You always seem to me like more of a philosopher than a chef. Too much sun tsu perhaps? But for what it's worth, I am glad and honoured to have work with you in FSM 3003 &4001.
ps: as a response to your OCT 10th entry - i always believe that good things comes to those who wait. The waiting might be the time for you to gain knowledge and armour for your battle ahead. I was once an atheist but growing older makes me realize that ppl need something to hold on to like faith. I see you as a strong believer in Islam and i guess the fact that you still need to wait prolly your God is saying not yet. And when the timing is right, He will grant you your blessings or perhaps even greater stuffs. So it is great to hear that you're advancing in whatever you're doing. Here i wish you all the best!!! Btw, age is a just a definition of the heart. You said young then you're young.

Rashi Hariri said...

Thanks for the response

I am glad you gals are gaining something, as knowledge is supposed to be shared, as well as wealth (some part of it) :)

on the waiting moment by Eugene, hmm.. couldnt be more agree, only sometime we as human being inpatient in many things :(

wait for my update on the dinner night ;)

roha said...

thankz a lot en.rashi for what you have done with our class..teaching us, guide us and...sometimes scold us..
thanks for scolding us when there's need coz i find it like ' bangkit dari tido'. and from that, i learn to be more tough and lebih berusaha for the future.. correct the mistakes is what important in life if as there's always a chance to improve as long as kita masih hidup dengan izin-Nya.
and thanks a lot for the wonderful dinner!!

p/s: i know that there are many other people that much more 'garang' than u. especially in working field.. tq for being garang sometimes.

azira said...

hehe..i thought you had been 'garang' enough..but recently i had watch hell's kitchen, and i had been very thankful that you are not even 1% of chef gordon ramsey..hehe..if you do, i think most of us had surrender even in the first week..i think you more to jamie oliver..hehe..learning with you is a very enjoying have shared not only the cooking theory, but also your experience, and really hold on to what you belief which is quite hard in this industry..i really hope i can be as strong as you in this harsh industry..really hold on to what is wrong is wrong no matter what the condition is..well..thank you so much for the knowledge that you have shared..don't be sad because of the tabung haji projek..insyaallah tak ke mane rezeki tu..halalkn everything that you had gave us..and thank you once again (even though i think just thank you is not enough)..

Rashi Hariri said...

Well Azira, I am 'garang' with purpose and objective - to teach & as part of learning process, nothing else as sometime there will turbulance in our lifetime

On Haj Project...hmm, this my second attempt to be there, as the first on 2005. Nevertheless, I will try again soon, but let me complete my studies first