May 22, 2009

(Sea)Food of Sabah, Malaysia

a view from my hotel

I had a chance of visiting Sabah, from 17-20 May 2008. Sabah is known for its Kinabalu Mountain, its flora and fauna, seafood and foods... so plenty, the fact that this place is actually a major exporter of seafood mainly to Hong Kong... or in-short, a seafood heaven.

Nevertheless, hope you will enjoy the pictures (updated 28th May)
My first night was having 'ikan bakar' / grill seafood as dinner

Are you had enough of udang/prawn XL, bro. Zali? you should join me then :), btw I am going there again soon....

2 round of seafood eat-as-much-as-you-can and it cost RM120 for 5 adult

red hot chilli pepper, this is definately not californication

The 'buah anggur' is actually seaweed, and vegetable of the day

Seafood of the day, wonder what it is? anyone wanted to guess?

plenty of fish including a famous - poisonous puff fish or ikan buntal

price of fish is cheap enough, making me crazy of which to bring home...

The dried segment, I bought enough anchovies ... colorful sago, which one of staple food of Sabah

the kueh and nasi lemak berlauk

my in-flight lunch after 3 days of seafood is indeed simple enough - nasi goreng


ghazali said...

udang udang udang.....gambar please..hehehehe

farah.munirah hariri said...

udang lagi???

tak takut Gout ke???

kalau ye pun sua-sua le ke mari sketttt...heheheheh..

Rashi Hariri said...

I am planning another "makan2" soon, this time udang as the main menu, as I am tentatively going to Sabah again end of the year.

Gout..hmm, dont worry as my main causes are red meat and carbonated drink plus nuts...seafood okay aje

ghazali said...

huhuhuhu...memang layan laaa seafood kat sana ya....huhuhu
memang best

ghazali said...

btw, yg gambar sebelah ikan buntal tu ape mende tuh?
kaler cam ular...
ape dia?
timun laut ka?

Rashi Hariri said...

that picture is for everyone to guess....any answer?

farah.munirah hariri said...

oh ya, that green bulat2 halus - anggur look alike tu - is actually spirulina.

Last year, we went to Tawau and I had the chance to eat it raw with some asam limau - yummy!!! It tasted kinda masin, but the asam limau neutralised it.. ok lah, not bad, but tak nak lah second helping * wink*

next to it, bukan vege ke???

Gambar kenduri tak ade ke???????

Rashi said...

Dear Farah

Yup, that seaweed is known aa buah anggur, suggested to take with rice as ulam2/salad? together with ikan bakar and air asam

Gambar kenduri...hmm, bit busy during that time therefore total forgotten to take the food pictures :)

ghazali said...

any prize to offer if there is a correct answer????

Rashi Hariri said...

hmm, I am thinking about giving one