Jun 30, 2010

Another Favorites...ABC

ABC is an acronym for Ais Batu Campur or literally translated as mixed shaved ice. This product is categorically under soft ice-cream which includes the sherbets, cendol and ever-popular ice-blended.

Normally taken during hot summer :) or whenever you have hot food & spicy like satay or chilli-based dishes

It has varieties of condiments like roasted peanuts, jelly etc sometimes served with ice-cream. I love it when it has lychee...simply cool and amazing.


Rahman Hariri said...

ABC should have buah kabong(??). Lychee tu a modern addition - dedulu mana ada laici nk letak. Of course its predecessor is ais kepal. Simple, sweet, enticing anc cooling.

Rashi Hariri said...

buah favorites too...
Ais kepal... kat mana nak cari skrg ni? semua tu memang best