Jul 2, 2010

Culinary School Architecture

I have designed and developed many kitchen, be it for commercial restaurant or learning institutions. My knowledge was used intensively during teaching and of course, when a client asked me to design their kitchen. Once someone claimed my drawing as his design and getting awarded while lying and stealing all my effort (plagiarism) .... but GOD is great, he will get his payback soon :)

Back to the issue, in designing the training kitchen, there are several factor to be considered

1) the kitchen mileage
2) ergonomics
3) type of equipment
4) psychological
5) curriculum content
6) cost

But the most important aspect will be on the teacher or chef instructor must have sufficient knowledge in culinary to teach young generations of chef. It is a skill that many young lecturer obviously are lacking of or worst simply without any...what!!! :)


mohd shahril said...

worst simply without any

since when did you change to layout?long time didn't follow your blog.I feel a little bit disturbed to read in a very narrow column (microsoft excel term).
Well, that is not important. I am more than happy to get to know you personally. You are 1 of the most great person ever met. (Tau tau siap dah ade blog lain. banyak betol free time main blog).Not lecturing anymore eh?Or have become full time consultant?

Ghayo dah dokek.Poso tahun lopeh ponteng sohaghi gastrik lom ganti laie. Aiseh man...

Rashi Hariri said...

Thanks again Shahril, frankly I am not the best, only I would do the best in anything/everything I do.

Still teaching and consulting as usual...

Copet2 lah ganti pose ekau tu yo..

Rahman Hariri said...

Cop, don't you think that there is one too many culinary school nowadays? Used to be UiTM I think, there are quite a few with local U would be competing in this line too including UPM.

Or there aren't enough right now?

Rashi Hariri said...

Agreed with you Abg Man, more is coming (my school) and latest public Uni - USIM

but culinary is a skill based knowledge which is useful for any career development, and nowadays we export the graduates similar to those in health science :)

fyi-other money making career are car mechanics, tailoring & hair dressing (barber corner) all related to a skill based education

Rahman Hariri said...

All right, as long as we export them out of the country and not rely on getting a job internally.

Then again, should a public university like UPM offer such course? Should they concentrate on knowledge based courses instead of skill-based, and leave this type of courses to say UiTM and private colleges?

Rashi Hariri said...

in Culinary there are many areas, UPM is focusing on R&D (food innovation) food technology, UiTM on arts whereas USIM providing additional skills for its graduates by focusing on bread technology.

Private colleges on the fast track of producing skilled workers :)

In all, hospitality industry demands more skilled manpower worldwide